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     Although the Time will win eventually the Life, but you always have a chance to compete with it and sometimes even win, overtaking its or even turn back the Time. I always dreamed to be a student of the American or European university. My dream has come true, thanks to the Erasmus Mundus program. I with pleasure have dipped into a student life of such a great university like the University of Malaga. I visit the lectures, spend time in the library, studying the organization of the university, and I love watching the people who gave the world the great Cervantes, Goya, Picasso, Dali ...
After a month internship at the Department of Tourism my understanding of the scientific research of tourism has turned over. I realized that our science in this field is significantly behind. I really hope that my work on the tourism cluster will be useful for the development of tourism in Kazakhstan.

October, 7, after orientation tour during the whole previous day with the main campus of the university, Mr. Christoph Schroeder kindly introduced me to my supervisors Prof. Dr. Enrique Navarro Jurado and Prof. Dra DaMa Ana  Luque Gil. I was shown the faculty, and my workplace and library. The impressions were exciting! Huge bright modern building, the original architectural design of the building and modern equipment in each classroom!

October, 18, our curators from the Service of International Relations & Cooperation Juan Antonio Martin-Checa and Margarita Delgado Corredera in details had familiarized us with a University of Malaga. There was interest in mutual cooperation in the future between our universities.Juan - is RocketMan. He anywhere and everywhere, making the work of 10 persons yet remains a very responsive, kind and attentive to all requests of us .

The topic of my researches on creation of of the tourism cluster in Central Asia was represented for scientists of the Department of Tourism of the University.

The department has well-known experts and scholars in the field of tourism economy, of Use GIS in tourism and e-tourism. Unlike our universities, the universities of Spain holds a competition for the Master's and PhD specialty "Tourism". This is not surprising if the country receives 60 million annually. Tourists and tourism is one of the leading sectors of the economy.

During the month, the International Office & Mr. Schroeder have organized meetings to us with different university divisions - technological park, Faculty of Science, and others. One of the notable meetings was with Director of UMA Master's and Doctorate International School, Prof. Chapuli. He made a  extremely detailed presentation of the PhD School. Interestingly, the degree does not guarantee a job, even just as a teacher in the university. In Kazakhstan, the same degree of automatically has replaced the previously existing degree of candidate and doctor.

The Conference Turitec - an annual international conference, which is held already for the 10th time. This is a significant scientific event of the Faculty of Tourism. Conference was opened by the president of the university. With great pleasure I took part in the conference and listened to the reports of the leading scholars on tourism from different universities in the world: Austria, Portugal, Morocco, Italy. Amazed the high scientific level of the reports. E-tourism, using of GIS technology, mathematical methods and models in tourism - such topics often sounded in the program. The conference took place in the best and modern _ kongress holl of Malaga.

30, october, 201, Department of International affairs invited us for  celebration of the “Erasmus Welcoming Ceremony 2014”/ Mr. Juan Antonio Martin-Checa told us  about planned projects Gsmart  in the 2014-2015. Each of us introduced himself and told about their project

On October 23 we will celebrate the act of welcome international exchange students at the University of Málaga and the students of the International Centre for the year 2014/15 was celebrated on welcoming ceremony. The ceremony will be held at the Botanical Garden (Theatines Campus).After the ceremony, a concert was given university ensemble of folk instruments



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